Food – Where Can I Get…

When you start with LCHF eating, sourcing specialised items can be daunting… so let’s put together a list of where you can buy what…

Coconut Oil

I looked for Coconut Oil in the oils section of supermarkets for weeks until a google search showed me that Coconut Oil comes in tubs.  Who’d’ve thought.  Coconut oil is solid at cool room temp. and liquid at warm room temp.  Hence the tub.

I got mine at Dis-Chem.

It is also available online from Crede Oils.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is available just about everywhere.  However it degrades with time.  Apparently good, fresh South African olive oil can’t be beaten by imports, so where possible, go local.

Grass-fed Butter

Kerrygold butter, available at just about any supermarket, is grass fed.  The salted version is freely available, but I have been battling to find UNsalted Kerrygold.  Does anyone have a source?

Grass-fed Cream

Does anyone have a source?


Does anyone have a source?

Almond Milk (Zero sugar)

Does anyone have a source?


Does anyone have a source?


7 thoughts on “Food – Where Can I Get…

  1. Ylana

    Coconut Oil at Irene Farm Store is R75 a tub (1litre) compared to R175 at Dischem.
    Xylitol at Spar.

  2. Eric

    I can tell that this website isn’t being maintained anymore, but leaving the message just incase.

    Are you still following the bulletproof diet more or less? I’m in the process of enquiring about a few possible sources for MCT oil here in South Africa.

  3. Lee-Ann

    We have a Health Store in PE that stocks MCT Oil, a local GP actually brings it into the country. 🙂 I will get details and post.

  4. Joni

    Quinn’s Coconut Oil organic @ Impala on Beyers Naude is R65 for a litre tub, Woolies sometimes has Kerrygold Unsalted as well as our Pick’nPay Campus Square. Think I’ll stock up!

    Bryanston & Bamboo Organic Markets have raw (unpasteurized) grassfed creams, milks & butter as well as a variety of organic grassfed meat

    Xylitol & Stevia can be bought @ Dischem or Rosemary & Thyme Healthshop on Beyers Naude & they’ll order most things for you so will probably get MCT Oil.

    I’ll pop in this week & check.

    Heres a link to make almond milk:


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