One of the joys of LC living is good coffee with cream dolloped in.  When I first started looking around at coffee makers, the aeropress was getting all the love.

Having had a taste-off between plain old filter made coffee and the aeropress, the result was… that one couldn’t really tell the difference!

At a cost of R400 for an Aeropress, or R23 for a one-cup coffee filter plus 40 filters plus a coffee measuring spoon from Masterton’s, I can tell you which one makes more sense.  

The nice thing about the one-cup filter is that it drips straight into your cup, and you definitely get a hotter cup of coffee.  Works like a bomb.  Sometimes simpler is better.

Having now had a year or so of ordering coffee from Masterton’s, it seems that the all-time favourite is Blend 97 – one of the original blends created by the founder of Masterton’s.  They say it is possibly one of the all-time favourites – it is not surprising that it would be so.


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