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What I Actually Eat (Well, what Peter Attia actually eats :) )

Peter Attia’s site is interesting – but one of the most interesting parts (which he doesn’t actually like) is where he gives an indication of what he actually eats.  Note how it changes over the years…


Handy links

A couple of links that we like:
LCHF – The Hub SA: This is what really kicked it all off for us. This thread is even mentioned in The Real Meal Revolution Fat Shake recipe… : )

Mark’s Daily Apple: Mark Sisson is a Paleo proponent and does all the research that we’d like to do, but can’t be bothered.  His site is well worth perusing.  And if you ever think to yourself “I wonder…” go and do a search on his site – he’s probably wondered the same thing already, and researched it too.

The Diet Doctor: Dr Andreas Eenfeldt’s site – full of good basic info, including the best intro to LCHF: LCHF for Beginners

The Eating Academy: Dr Peter Attia’s LCHF site.  You want science and analysis – this is the place.  Plus the best recipe for LC ice-cream you will find.


One of the joys of LC living is good coffee with cream dolloped in.  When I first started looking around at coffee makers, the aeropress was getting all the love.

Having had a taste-off between plain old filter made coffee and the aeropress, the result was… that one couldn’t really tell the difference!

At a cost of R400 for an Aeropress, or R23 for a one-cup coffee filter plus 40 filters plus a coffee measuring spoon from Masterton’s, I can tell you which one makes more sense.  

The nice thing about the one-cup filter is that it drips straight into your cup, and you definitely get a hotter cup of coffee.  Works like a bomb.  Sometimes simpler is better.

Having now had a year or so of ordering coffee from Masterton’s, it seems that the all-time favourite is Blend 97 – one of the original blends created by the founder of Masterton’s.  They say it is possibly one of the all-time favourites – it is not surprising that it would be so.

Books We Like…

LCHF has been taking off like wildfire in SA.  Tim Noakes and crew have a new book out that is both academic discussion of LCHF and why it works and cookbook.  

It’s well worth getting: 


The Real Meal Revolution

Another useful book is one put out by Monique le Roux Forslund – Low Carb Living for Families.  

It’s a great book with great recipes.


Low Carb Living for Families

Two other books that I find myself referring to again and again are these two little books put out by Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney.  They are informative and instructive – and short.  It’s a good combination.


The Art and Science of Low Carb Living


The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance