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The Low Fat diet is dead…

According to the DietDoctor.

Not surprising really…

The link is here -> DietDoctor

This guy has a great site.


LCHF – How Do I Get Started?

If you truly want to follow LCHF, your best option would probably be:

1. Follow Tim Noakes on twitter.  Be aware that his opinions change over time as he gains more insight, but he is one of the most inspiring proponents of LCHF living.

2. Read New Atkins, New You by Eric C. Westman, Stephen D. Phinney and Jeff S. Volek.  This is a brilliant start to LCHF eating.

3. Read Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes to find out why New Atkins works.

4. Start following the blogs of:


For Paleo/Primal living, follow Mark Sissons Mark’s Daily Apple.  There is enough content on his site to keep you going for months! I’m a great fan of Mark.  He makes a lot of good, common sense.

What’s this about?

The LCHF style of eating is taking off in South Africa, predominantly as a result of the controversy caused by Prof. Tim Noakes’ conversion from promoting carbs to promoting LCHF.

The main problem with eating LCHF is that the literature and resources largely refer to foodstuffs available in America.

The aim of this site is to gather together, in true community style, a bunch of info that is relevant to South Africans looking to eat LCHF.

So, please feel free to contribute.  The more contribution, the more useful this site will become to all of us!